Rescue 112

Type of attraction
Kids (4-8 y.o.) and Families
Access limitations
Minimum height: under 1.35 m accompanied by an adult
Maximum weight: Max. 225 kg per vehicle
1 years
Accessible for people with disabilities
All Year
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Become a firefighter and put out the fire!

If there’s a fire, you dial 112 and then the fire brigade comes – every kid in Germany knows that. At Movie Park Germany, you can become a fearless firefighter yourself and demonstrate your courage and skill as you put out a hotel fire!

There are 6 fire engines in total, each with enough space for 4 brave heroes. And a good thing too, because you’ll need all hands on deck to get the fire under control! When it comes to fighting the fire, there’s an important task for every single member of the rescue team: jump into the driver’s cab if you’d prefer to steer the fire engine, or climb onto the ladder platform at the back to tackle the fire with the water pistol!

Rescue 112 – here at the theme park, it’s all go: the fire engines zoom around the ‘burning’ building, while the ladder platforms move up and down. To put out the fire, you’ll need to aim the water pistols at the windows. The more precise your aim, the better. Keep an eye on the little red lights – they’ll show you when you’ve successfully put out the fire. If you work together, you’ll be sure to conquer the fire and save the hotel!

Want to become a firefighter and put your skills to the test at Rescue 112? This attraction is located in the ‘Santa Monica Pier’ area of Movie Park Germany. Come on down now – and put out the flames!

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Less waiting, more action!

Less waiting, more action!

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