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New live stunt show "Operation Red Carpet" brings Hollywood even closer to Germany!

When the red carpet is rolled out, the music plays and the celebrities pull up in their limousines in front of the glorious theater at the Movie Park Studios, the time has finally come: the "Golden S.A.M." awards ceremony is about to take place, bringing together all the big names in the movie industry. It is also supposed to be the big day of Angelina Croft and James McDean. After six nominations in previous years and numerous box-office hits, the two Hollywood superstars will finally be honored at the award ceremony for the best duo in an action film. A long-cherished dream comes true for both of them. But not all that glistens as brightly as the prestigious trophies is gold: In the midst of the action, the award ceremony brings an unexpected twist to the plot. Out of nowhere, the long-sought "Award Gang" appears and manages to steal the popular trophies and prize money with their criminal tricks. The criminals take flight in a rush. Suddenly, not only the Los Angeles Police Department and the FBI are tracking down the gang: Croft and McDean also have to prove their true action hero potential in the hunt for the stolen "Golden S.A.M.s". Here, it is illustrated once again how a strong female protagonist cannot only influence the outcome of a story in a movie, but also in reality...

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