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If there's a fire, call 112 and then the fire brigade will come – every child knows that. At Movie Park Germany, you yourself are a fearless member of the fire brigade and can prove your courage and skill in a hotel fire.

There are a total of six fire trucks available, each with room for four brave heroes. This is also good because to get the fire under control, every hand is needed! For fighting the fire, by the way, there is just the right task for each rescuer: climb in the cab if you'd rather steer the truck, or climb back into the wagon to tackle the fire with the water pistol!

Rescue 112 – here at the Park, this means things are really rocking: the fire trucks speed around the "burning" building while the wagons ride up and down. To extinguish the fire, you have to aim the water pistols at the windows. The better aim you have, the better. You can also see it in the red lights, which show you the success of your extinguishing work. With united forces, you are sure to succeed in quelling the fire and saving the hotel!

You too would like to be a member of the fire brigade and demonstrate your skills with Rescue 112? You will find the attraction at Movie Park Germany in the "Santa Monica Pier" area. Come right over – and put that fire out for good!

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