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At Movie Park Germany, you'll get to know Bikini Bottom, home of SpongeBob SquarePants, his friend Patrick and snail Gary, from many different perspectives. Here at the Sea Swing, for example, you'll accompany SpongeBob on a little trip: together, you'll explore the field of jellyfish in front of Bikini Bottom. At the same time, you'll also experience for yourself how zero gravity must feel in the exciting world under water!

The chairoplane for kids itself looks like a giant jellyfish. Sixteen kids can take part in the expedition. Just have a seat in one of the chain chairs, hanging down like the tentacles of a jellyfish. When the ride starts, the Sea Swing will live up to its name: the carousel turns round in a circle and gently swings you to the outside. This almost feels like floating on an underwater current. Hold on to the chains or spread your arms out as if in flight when the Sea Swing starts to move. Below you, during the ride, you'll be able to see the ground dashing past.

The kids' chairoplane Sea Swing is located in the Park's "NICKLAND". Want more SpongeBob action? At the SpongeBob Splash Bash next door, SpongeBob invites you over for a lively boat ride!

By the way

At the "Santa Monica Pier", the Pier Side Carousel offers a large chairoplane for those eager for a bit more turbulence than a ride on the Sea Swing.

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