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Van Helsing’s Factory

This is a special sort of factory. While you're still wondering whether a visit to a run-down petrol station is really the right thing for you, you will get to know Abraham van Helsing, the greatest vampire hunter of all time. His story will quickly have you spellbound: not only has van Helsing declared war on ghosts, monsters and vampires – he wants to defeat the dangerous Count Dracula!

In his workshop van Helsing is preparing to wipe out the monsters with devastating weapons. Join him in van Helsing's Factory for a fast-paced chase through the darkness that will require all your courage.

But beware: don't underestimate the task! In and round van Helsing's Factory there are vicious dangers lurking. Fortunately, the vampire hunter has equipped you with a set of wheels. At furious speeds of up to 40 km/h, you may just escape the fiendish mob in van Helsing's Factory… Or will the sharp 180° curves simply lead your wagon deeper and deeper into the darkness of the old petrol station? In the end, will you no longer find the way out and be helplessly surrendered to the bloodsuckers?

Roller coaster, ghost train or creepy Halloween party

Van Helsing's Factory is a mix of all those and much more! Do you dare to accompany the infamous vampire hunter on his mission? Then climb in – and hold on tight. In van Helsing's Factory, 400 metres of action, adrenaline and terror await you. It is better for children to be left to wait outside – after all, the vampires and ghosts cannot harm them in broad daylight! Adults and youth of 12 years and older are invited to prove their courage in van Helsing's Factory.

You'll find this roller coaster – the only one of its kind in Germany – at Movie Park Germany in the "Streets of New York". Come on over and experience unique moments of shock – if you dare.

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