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Welcome to Movie Park Germany! The entire world of the great movies opens up to you for one unforgettable day. Here you can experience the unique flair of Hollywood together with your friends and family. In other words, a day of discovery, amazement, pure action or simply enjoyment.

For all the fun, we still ask that you should not disregard the usual need for respect and caution.

This means, above all, to show responsibility for yourself and for others and not to forget the rules of courtesy.

Furthermore, we ask that you should carefully follow the rules below, our Park Rules, which you are obligated to comply with by entering Movie Park Germany.


a) Our parking areas are subject to the rules and signs of the road traffic regulations (StVO)..

b) To ensure undisturbed traffic in this area, the instructions of our wardens in the parking areas must be carefully followed. Please park your vehicle only within the parking areas designed for this purpose. If you park your car outside and thus hinder traffic, we will have to have such a vehicle towed at your risk and expense.

c) Parking places marked as disabled parking places can only be used by the corresponding people using the relevant ID badges (disabled sign on the vehicle). Motor vehicles that are parked illegally in disabled parking areas, may be towed even if such does not hinder a person entitled to use such a parking place from using the parking place. The costs for having the car towed must be paid by the driver of the car.

d) The parking fee is charged for the parking area (parking place) made available, but not for the security of the vehicle. Therefore, please make sure that you have closed doors, trunk, windows and sunroof when leaving your car and do not leave any objects visible in the car.

e) For damage caused by extraordinary events such as storm, hail, explosions and fire and in the event of theft or damage to your vehicle by others, we cannot pay any compensation.

f) Damages can be paid only if the damage is caused by gross negligence or wilful intent on the part of employees of Movie Park Germany. Authorised damage claims must be reported in the case of apparent damage before you leave the car park. In case of doubt, contact Security at the staff entrance.


a) The site of Movie Park Germany can only be entered with valid admission tickets at the marked entrances for visitors. The admission tickets must be kept with you during your stay and shown on request. Children and teenagers who have not yet turned 15 can only be admitted to the Park if accompanied by an adult.

b) The admission ticket for Movie Park Germany grants you the right to use all the attractions of Movie Park Germany, free of charge and as often as desired, during the Park's opening hours and in line with the respective rules for use of the attractions. However, the admission ticket does not cover the fees charged for coin-operated attractions, skill games or those attractions that must normally be paid separately, such as the Bungee Jump set-up. Your entitlement to access the Park will expire once you leave the grounds. Re-entry on the same day is possible only with a valid hand stamp. People under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be refused access to the Park.

c) If any individual attractions should be unusable or do not take place due to maintenance or repair work or due to force majeure (such as strong wind, reduced visibility, thunderstorm), visitors will have no claim to the full or pro rata reimbursement of the admission price. The same will also apply in the event that new attractions are not yet completed or if individual attractions must be rebuilt.


a) Dogs are not permitted in the park*. We do not offer a pet care at this time. *Except trained service dogs with appropriate proof. Please note: The dog must be kept on a leash at all times and may not enter our attractions and shows.

b) Other pets/animals are also not permitted in the park. Please do not leave any animals in your vehicle!

c) The use of our rides absolutely requires you to wear sturdy shoes as well as substantial clothing: some attractions are operated with water (see Number 6. Liability). It is necessary to wear outer clothing and shoes on the Park grounds.

d) Smoking is not permitted in the buildings and particularly not on the rides. The same also applies in the waiting areas and restaurants. The fire regulations on the Park grounds must be strictly adhered to. It is prohibited to start a fire, to light any kind of fireworks and to have a barbecue anywhere on the entire Park grounds.

e) Visitors may only use the paths provided for them.

f) The possession and carrying of weapons or dangerous objects (guns, knives, chains, brass knuckles, etc.) is not permitted on the grounds of the Park.

g) The instructions of the Park staff, particularly regarding the use of the individual rides, must always be followed in your own interest.

h) Pregnant women, for their own safety and the safety of their unborn child, are encouraged not to use the rides.

i) It is prohibited to deliberately make noise or operate portable radios, cassette recorders and similar devices.

j) Visitors are not permitted to bring their own alcoholic beverages. Anyone who is obviously drunk or under the influence of drugs will be excluded from using the rides and can be forced to leave the Park grounds without compensation. In this respect, Movie Park Germany will have the right to deny someone entry to its premises (see Number 12).

k) For reasons of safety for all Park guests, skateboarding, rollerblading and the use of scooters of all kinds are not permitted on the Park grounds.

l) For security reasons, our attractions are monitored by camera and video recording.


a) The facilities being operated at Movie Park Germany are made available to you within the framework of the respective rules of use. These special use regulations and safety provisions, which are spelled out in the form of text or images outside the individual facilities, must be read by all users before the use of the respective facilities and must be complied with at all times. In addition, the specific instructions of the operating staff must be followed at all times.

b) For some rides, there are special regulations in place regarding the necessary height, the required age and the physical condition of the user. These rules were given to us by the authorities and the TÜV; they also apply in particular to guests with disabilities. Please note that, in the case of guests with disabilities who may fulfil these basic requirements, such guests or the person looking after them must still decide independently whether the attraction is suitable for them individually.

c) To prevent putting waiting guests at a disadvantage, it is necessary to leave an attraction after using it and to enter it again at the entrance.

d) If you knowingly disregard the instructions for use or operation or the instructions of the operating staff, the operating staff can bar you from using the attractions without such creating a compensation claim for you. The same will also apply if you try to jump the queue.

e) You are liable for all damage resulting from disregarding the use regulations or caused by culpable (deliberate or negligent) damage.


We require that all parents and people looking after groups should fulfil their obligation of supervision, as we are not able to release them from it. If the obligation of supervision is breached, parents and people looking after groups must bear the full responsibility for any damage caused, in accordance with the statutory provisions.


We are only liable for damage caused by the culpable breach of an essential contractual obligation or due to wilful intent or gross negligence on the part of the legal representatives or vicarious agents of Movie Park Germany. If an essential contractual obligation is breached without gross negligence or wilful intent, we will not be liable for unforeseeable or untypical damage

We will assume no liability for the following situations or damage:

a) If you use some of our rides, you may get completely wet and/or items carried with you may be damaged. For this reason, we ask that you not take any items with you that could suffer water damage or other damage (such as cameras, video cameras, etc.). Clothing that is made unusable or is damaged by the effects of water, as well as cameras, video cameras, etc., cannot be compensated.

b) For items placed in the lockers of the Park for storage.

c) For lost items, in particular items lost or damaged during the use of a ride, we will not assume any liability. It is not possible to stop or switch off rides in order to recover lost items.

d) For any items temporarily set aside on rides.

Our liability for injury to life, body or health shall remain unaffected by the limitations of liability specified in this Section 6.


a) All the facilities of the Park are carefully maintained and monitored. If you, through no fault of your own, suffer damage (including property damage, personal injury and other damage), you must report the damage to a member of the Security staff, the Guest Information Office or (in case of personal injury) our first aid station before leaving the Park grounds. You must notify us even if there is reason to believe that an incident could possibly give rise to damage later on.

b)A claim for damages is excluded if a possible and reasonable notification of damage is not carried out until after the person in question has left the Park.


On the grounds and parking areas of the Park, and on the areas in front of the entrances, it is not permitted to advertise or offer goods or services except with the prior written permission of the Management of Movie Park Germany. The same also applies to the conducting of opinion polls and counts.


For every case of theft at the Park, the Park staff will notify the police and/or Security.


Your film recordings made for private use at Movie Park Germany are permitted in terms of the Act Concerning Copyright in Works of Art and Photography (KunstUrhG), i.e. they may require the consent of the person being filmed/photographed. The passing on of photos and film footage or the use of ideas and show procedures for commercial purposes will require the prior written approval of the Management of Movie Park Germany. During the use of the rides, it is not permitted to use film or video cameras, including GoPros, for safety reasons. The same also applies to cell phones and smartphones with a camera function as well as comparable devices.

At Movie Park Germany, film or webcam footage and photos are temporarily taken by Movie Park Germany or third parties. The areas and attractions are marked as far as possible. Please avoid these areas if you do not wish any recordings that may be made of you to be utilised in public or to be broadcast by webcam in the Internet; alternatively, you can inform the photographer / film team. If you do not, we will assume that such use is permitted, free of charge.


To prevent the resale of admission tickets (this also includes discount coupons, annual tickets, free tickets and vouchers of all kinds for food and beverages) and the misuse of season passes, the purchaser is not permitted to do the following:

a) To sell admission tickets for a price higher than the sale price paid by the purchaser himself. This also applies in particular to the context of a private transfer;

b) To sell admission tickets for commercial purposes without the express prior written consent of Movie Park Germany;

c) To use admission tickets as part of prize giveaways, travel or hospitality offers or publicly for advertising or marketing purposes without the prior written consent of Movie Park Germany;

d) To offer admission tickets for sale on Internet auction sites or other Internet platforms, whether personally or through third parties;

e) To pass on admission tickets without explicit reference to these Park Rules, particularly to this Section 11., even if such transfer is not prohibited under this Section 11.;

f) To pass on season passes to third parties or culpably to enable third parties to misuse season passes in any other way.

Movie Park Germany is entitled to demand that people who pass on and/or offer admission tickets and/or season passes in breach of these regulations should pay a contractual penalty of €100.00. The number of breaches is determined by the number of the admission tickets and/or season passes offered, sold, passed on or used.

In the case of a violation of the aforementioned prohibitions, the admission tickets and season passes will lose their validity and will no longer entitle their holder to visit Movie Park Germany. Moreover, Movie Park Germany reserves the right to refuse to sell admission tickets in the future to individuals who have violated the above-mentioned prohibitions, and/or to initiate further actions under civil and/or criminal law.


Movie Park Germany is entitled to require people who violate the Park Rules or are caught on the Park grounds without a legitimate admission ticket to leave the Park without compensation and, if necessary, to issue an order to stay away from the premises (also indefinitely). Those who harass other people, use the facilities contrary to the respective use regulations or do not follow the instructions of the supervisory staff may be forced to leave the Park. There will then be no claim to the repayment of the admission fee, also not in part.

And now we wish you a carefree, unforgettably wonderful day and a lot of fun at Movie Park Germany!