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Movie Park Germany has lots of film-worthy family offers and discounts to make your stay in Hollywood in Germany even more advantageous and easy to plan.

Birthday Coupon

Today's your birthday? Happy birthday! Come visit us on your birthday with up to four other friends or family members and pay only €26 per person!

Simply print out the coupon below and redeem it at our ticket counter, showing the ID of the birthday boy or girl.


PDF icon Download coupon (627.85 KB)
Family Friday

Every Friday (also during school holidays or on bank holidays) is Family Day at Movie Park Germany!

Children ages 4 to 11 pay only €1 per year of age. In other words, a five-year-old boy accompanied by his mother, grandmother, his father or uncle must pay only €5 for admission.

PDF icon Download coupon (566.54 KB)
Gastronomie- und Souvenircoupons

We have tasty food offers and film-worthy merchandise specials for every Hollywood star, young and old, that feature special price advantages compared to the regular offerings at the Park.

Simply print out the booklet and benefit from great savings at the respective snack bars, restaurants or shops.

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Spar Coupon

Get the real deal with our saving coupon. With this coupon, you'll get 4€ off for up to 5 persons at our box office.

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Children up to 3 years are free